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Title: Exposed
Fandom: Beast Wars Transformers
Characters: Ratrap, Cheetor
Prompt: Buried from the Table
Word count: 721 words
Rating: General
Summary: Ratrap wishes the sky weren't so wide.
Disclaimer: Neither BeastWars nor Transformers belong to me, sadly enough.
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Someone Has a Beastly Temper - Part 1

Title: Someone Has a Beastly Temper - Part 1
Fandom: G.I.Joe
Characters: Zartan, Destro and Nightfire
Prompt: Beast
Word Count: 1071
Rating: T
Summery: Zartan gets involved in an Argument between Destro and Nightfire.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Zartan, Destro, Cobra, Dreadnoks, or G.I.Joe they are all owned by Hasbro. I do own Nightfire.
Notes: This was co-written by Wolf (from Undercover With the Joes Yahoo group), whom I give my greatest thanks to for critiquing this little gem and breathing more life into it than I was expecting. Thanks again Wolf. J

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Ones Inner Demons

Title: Ones Inner Demons
Fandom: Transformers G1
Characters: Wheeljack and Nightfire
Prompt: Non-Con
Word Count: 1026
Rating: M
Summery: Wheeljack will soon learn that letting your emotions get to you can have very dark consequences. Disclaimer: I don’t own Wheeljack, Ratchet, or the Autobots, they are all owned by Hasbro. I do own Nightfire.
Warning: If you don’t like rape fics, then you shouldn’t read this then.


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Dead at Noon

Title: Dead at Noon
Fandom: G.I. Joe
Characters: Zandar, Zanya, Zartan, Buzzer
Prompt: Stake
Word Count: 567
Rating: PG
Summary: Death of a master vampire.
Author's Notes: AU comicverse. There are so many different folklore and pop culture beliefs about vampires that I sometimes like to mix them up a little. (Been studying them off & on my entire life; there may be more vampire stories to come)
Beta'd: Cindy  (thank you!)
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Every character mentioned is owned by Hasbro.

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Who’s Your Daddy???


Title: Who’s Your Daddy???

Fandom: Transformers G1

Characters: The Decepticon Seekers, the Decepticon Triplechangers and Nathan

Prompt: Too Much

Word Count: 845

Rating: T

Summery: Sometimes little kids are way too honest when they tell you something.

Author’s Notes: This takes place 4½ years after Darker Secrets and Even Darker Truths and the girl has my name, so flippin’ what. :p

Disclaimer: I do not own Prime, Megatron, Galvatron, Ultra Magnus, Cyclonus, Scourge, Kup, Jazz, Prowl, Soundwave, Shockwave, Grimlock, Perceptor, Wreck-Gar, Starscream, Skyfire, Hot Rod, Thundercracker, Thrust, Ramjet, Dirge, Sunstorm, Skywarp, Astrotrain, Blitzwing, Octane, Marissa Fairborn, Spike Witwicky, Carly Witwicky, the Decepticons, the Quintessons, or the Autobots; they are all owned by Hasbro. I do own Cindy, Scott and Nathan.




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Too Much Information!

Title: TMI!
Fandom: G.I. Joe
Characters: Zandar, Zartan, Torch, Dreadnoks
Prompt: Too Much
Word Count:191
Rating: PG-13, Slash
Summary: There are some questions you just shouldn't ask a man when he's drunk
Author's Note: Yep, I write slash, I also write Het and Gen, frequently using all the same characters; please don't pidgeon-hole me, or think I think any one character is gay, because depending on my mood, I'll write characters gay, straight, or completely asexual. (err, yes, I have had a bad experience or two :( )
Disclaimer: Not Mine, They belong to Hasbro.

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The Sun and Its Brother


Title: The Sun and Its Brother

Fandom: Transformers G1

Characters: Starscream and Sunstorm

Prompt: Blood

Word Count: 370

Rating: PG 13

Author’s Notes: I apologize to anyone who might take offence by the religious references in the fic.

Disclaimer: I do not own Starscream, Sunstorm, Primus, Chaar, Cybertron, or the Covenant of Primus; they are all owned by Hasbro.




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How About Never?

Title: How About Never?
Fandom: G.I. Joe
Characters: Zandar, Zanya, Madame Hex
Prompt: Taboo
Word Count:684
Rating: Definitely R, has deeply disturbing content.
Summary: Zanya gets smacked in the face with something she never wanted to know about herself.
Disclaimer: Most of them are not mine, belong to Hasbro. Madame Hex is mine, although she would dispute that. I just wish she had chosen another prompt to debut in.

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Enceinte‭, part two‭

Title:‭ ‬Enceinte‭ (‬part two‭)
Fandom:‭ ‬G.I.‭ ‬Joe
Characters:‭ ‬Zandar,‭ ‬Zartan,‭ ‬Zanya Buzzer,‭ ‬Ripper,‭ ‬Torch,‭ ‬Tomax,‭ ‬and Xamot
Prompt:‭ ‬Writer's Choice‭; ‬Unexpected
Word Count:‭ ‬546
Rating: pg-13ish
Summary: ‬Continued from part one‭; ‬enter the Crimson Twins,‭ ‬let’s hope they survive.
Author's Notes:‬ Gah,‭ ‬it’s still to be continued.‭ *‬BHOT‭*‬ First part is Here.
Disclaimer‭: ‬Not mine,‭ ‬belong to Hasbro.

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